Design is an iterative process


Design is an iterative process – there’s just no other way around it.

In all my years in the architecture profession (…that I can count on one single hand), I have never witnessed a cohesive, sensible design just “appear” in one fell swoop. It takes a series of deliberate processes to get to that point, whether explicitly known to the designer or not. I know what you’re thinking: “you’re an amateur”. And, you’d be right. But if there is one thing that bumwad and hours of late-night studio frustration has taught me , it is that there is something inherently precious about the ebb and flow of ideas generated by thinking through a solution and not of a solution. It is this fundamental piece of the architectural puzzle that elevates a good design to a great design.

So, whether you are designing glitzy monolithic museums sure to make the front page of ArchDaily, or tackling your first ever 250 SF studio pavilion design, remember to never lose sight of the power in iteration – the power of process.

Happy designing.

*image courtesy of Jer Thorp’s photostream on Flickr, used under the creative commons license.

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