The personification of Revit


How is it that Revit somehow always becomes personified into some magical being, both intriguing and terrifying at the same time? I’ve always wondered for myself how she became so … well crap, there I go again.

Revit is a cold-hearted wench. She will chew you up and spit you out, faster than you can say “shared parameter” or “nested family”. She must be respected at all times, and never taken for granted. The second you do … blue screen of death. Though she can be temperamental at times, Revit is also rational and generous and will leave you wanting for naught. Not even your favorite Keurig-brewed Starbucks K-Cup. She will see you through the tightest of deadlines, and the latest of studio nights. But, never speak poorly of Revit behind her back; she has the ears of an owl, and the eyes of a hawk. And if you do, she will be sure to break all of your parametric families. Want functioning design options? Forget about it.

Above all else, never forget that Revit will always be there for you through thick and thin. Revit will forever and for always be your best friend … but only when she feels like it.

Happy Revit-eering.

*Revit “R” courtesy of Revit Genie

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