Re + invention

leaf_jnzl public domain

Phew. It has been quite some time since I sat in the blogging “hot seat,” and I must confess: I am SUPER excited to be back.

A lot has happened since the last time I touched down with The Architect’s Companion. I started a new job in BIM consulting/training (woo-hoo!), I officially started my quest for architectural registration, and I got married (double woo-hoo!). I have been giving a lot of thought to this blog in the past weeks and why exactly I failed to keep it going. I came to the realization that the posts I was composing felt, in a way, almost too “formal”. At a certain point, the blog became more of a burden than an enjoyment and it defeated the purpose of what I was trying to accomplish.

And while I enjoy going on excessive tangents with the best of them, I have come to realize the importance of at least attempting to provide some value to anyone who happens to read my posts (yes, all two of you…). With that being said, I have decided to re-invent The Architect’s Companion a bit. In addition to my usual musings, I am going to compose less-contrived posts relating to BIM (for those not familiar, the process of building information modeling), technology, design, and all things pervasive to the architectural industry. Yes, you heard it here first: no more multi-page rants for this blog.

I am looking forward to this newfound re-discovery, and I hope that some of you will join me for the adventure.

Happy designing.

*image courtesy of Jnzl’s Public Domain photostream on Flickr, used under the creative commons license.

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