And the word of the day is …


TAC returns with the next installment in an ongoing series of words that are good to know as an architect in training or technology enthusiast: The Architect’s Companion “Word of the Day”.

Today’s word of the day is one that, if you’ve surrounded yourself lately with the architecture industry or any of its related disciplines, you’ve probably heard a time or two (or three dozen). Today’s word is BIM, or literally translated, building information modeling.

BIM is a buzzword that seems to be used almost too casually, sometimes referring to a specific type of software and sometimes referring to an end-product or deliverable. In reality, it is neither. When we talk about building information modeling, we are really talking about a process: a process of generating and managing a building’s data and physical properties via digital format. The great thing about BIM is that we never tend to look at the building as a “snapshot” in time; with building information modeling, we consider the entire lifecycle of a building – from conception all the way to operations and maintenance.


As building information modeling continues to permeate the industry, hopefully you will have a better understanding of what all the hot gossip is about. But, if you take nothing else from this post, please remember to avoid referring to building files as “BIM models”. You just might save a fluffy kitten’s life.

Happy designing.

*image courtesy of Autodesk.

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