Top 5 mobile apps for designers + professionals


Let’s face it: we live in a world of mobile technology, big data, and an overwhelming number of cat memes.

I have found myself becoming increasingly reliant upon my iPhone and iPad these days, but luckily enough there is no shortage of mobile applications that make my life that much easier. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites:

(1) Evernote


At the risk of sounding dramatic, what would I ever do without Evernote? In an industry where quite literally time = money, Evernote helps to keep me on track with day-to-day tasks, manage engagements with clients, and even serve as a “drop zone” for blogging ideas.

(2) Ideament


Who doesn’t love a good diagram? They are an absolute necessity in the architecture industry, and Ideament is a great, simple-to-use application that allows one to create on the fly concept maps and flow charts.

(3) Augment


VR, or in layman’s terms – virtual reality, is a concept increasingly being leveraged by the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Augment puts the power of VR directly into your pocket, giving you the ability to simulate 3D models in real-world scenarios. How cool is that?

(4) Genius Scan

genius scan_logo

When you live in a 575 SF apartment, there are certain luxuries you just have to do without. Unfortunately for me, my printer/scanner combo happened to be one of the first things that hit the “donation” pile when I converted to apartment dwelling. With Genius Scan, I can quickly snap a photo by phone or tablet and crop, edit, or export to a variety of formats and locations – including email, cloud storage, and even Facebook.

(5) Autodesk A360

autodesk a360_logo

No…this is not a shameless plug. Yes…Autodesk A360 is an incredible extension of the Autodesk platforms we all know and love, and allows one to (in addition to a slew of other features) quickly view, navigate, and interact with Revit models. A perfect application for on-the-go design boasting.

What are some of your own favorite mobile applications?

*image courtesy of Kris Krug’s photostream on Flickr, used under the creative commons license.

*all mobile application logos courtesy of their respective creators.

Tell me what you think.

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