Rules of engagement


I have to be honest with you all: I’m usually not one to dole out advice like a grandpa who’s “been there” and “done that,” but this just happens to be one of those times.

This past September, I had the very fortunate opportunity of participating as a panelist at an alumni networking event at my alma mater, Catholic University. The overarching goal was to gather current (and former) students together to discuss career development, alumni engagement, and ways of making yourself known to prospective employers.

The panel was comprised of a number of talented industry professionals…I think my invitation must have been sent to the wrong address. Nonetheless, it was a great event and those in attendance seemed to really enjoy the conversation.

A large number of those in attendance were students enrolled at the School of Architecture and Planning, and included the full gamut of grade levels – even freshman. This really got me thinking: what incredible initiative those students are taking, at such an early point in their architectural careers but taking those first critical steps to becoming engaged with the professionals they will surround themselves with following graduation. I’ve said it so many times before: the world is small, but the AEC industry is even smaller.

Initiating and fostering relationships is a key aspect to developing professionally, and those students are off to a great start. Really, kudos to them – the future designers of the world.

Happy networking.

*image courtesy of Catholic University Alumni Relations.

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