The benefits of BIM


After some time, the proof is finally in the proverbial “pudding”. The benefits of BIM have started to become much clearer.

Dodge Data & Analytics, in conjunction with Bentley Systems, have begun a series of research initiatives focusing on technology use in the construction industry. The first edition of their SmartMarket Brief: BIM Advancements series aims to shed light on the ways in which architects, engineers, and contractors have begun to measure their success with BIM usage. The study provides an ample collection of findings that only strengthen the argument for leveraging data and information as a means to increase efficiency and productivity in the AEC workplace.

The first edition breaks down to three distinct silos of research:

01 BIM Success Factors

“This research provides insight into the percentage impact of BIM on six key project outcome metrics, and the frequency and value of 10 project factors that influence success with BIM. It also identifies the frequency and negative impact of six obstacles to BIM effectiveness, and the four most important success factors for BIM.”

02 Construction Modeling

“This research provides insight into the frequency and value of seven types of construction models produced by trade contractors, and six key uses for construction models on projects. It also identifies which parties are most frequently authoring construction models for specific uses.”

03 Information Mobility

“This research provides insight into current and future uses of various modes of sharing information, the most important past and future improvements to information mobility, and the project benefits it provides.”

If you have an opportunity to, I suggest you take a moment or two to thumb through the great information this study has collected – and keep an eye out for the next upcoming edition.

Happy designing.

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