Revit “inception”


There is a question that always seems to come up when discussing the placement of 3-dimensional views onto a sheet in Revit, and it happens to be one of those things that is not-so-obvious at first glance.

What I am describing can be seen below: a 3-dimensional view that has been cropped using the “Section Box” functionality of Revit and then placed onto a sheet. When I hover over the view, I see something that looks like this:



Hovering over the view placed onto the sheet


Notice the proverbial “800-pound gorilla” in the room – the black frame that happens to be protruding from each edge of the sheet after I place the view onto it? It just so happens that the black box is representative of its unique viewport, and guess what? The viewport will frame everything present in that view. So, the bigger question here is why – even after I’ve enabled the section box in my 3-dimensional view and cropped my model appropriately – does the viewport feel the need to capture additional information? It is here that we may stumble into one of Revit’s “alternate reality” traps.

If I simply activate the view in question and choose to “Show Crop Region” we can see that the cause of the extended viewport is the crop region itself. All I need to do here is tighten up the crop region, and the viewport will follow suit.



Enabling “Show Crop Region”



Crop region visible within the view


Managing the crop regions of views in your Revit model is an absolute necessity. They will not only allow you to hone in more specifically to information within your model, but will also eliminate the need for Revit to process additional objects and information in those views – ultimately assisting with overall model performance.

Happy Revit-eering.

*”Inception” image courtesy of The Art Mad.

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