Unveiling your inner imagination


Toy manufacturer Mattel announced some pretty exciting news recently, and it will revolutionize how both children and adults push the “boundaries” of imaginative play.

Mattel is widening the accessibility of 3D printing to the consumer market with the introduction of the ThingMaker: an easy-to-use device that allows children to print and construct their own toys at home. Hold the phones…construct your own toys at home? Awesome.

Used in conjunction with the ThingMaker Design app – developed by Autodesk – the ThingMaker allows users to print individual parts and pieces and assemble them together to form larger creations. The components simply snap together via ball-and-socket joints, and toys can be printed and assembled in as little as 30 minutes.

What I absolutely love about this concept is that it engages a new wave of creators and explorers in a much more stimulating and tangible environment. Who needs Xbox or Playstation when you can build with your own two hands? Okay, so maybe those two aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; but I really do believe that the future is here with products like the ThingMaker. The possibilities on the horizon are seemingly endless, and it all starts with the imagination of a child.

Happy designing.

4 thoughts on “Unveiling your inner imagination

    • There are so many practical (and fun) applications for technology like this, and I think we haven’t even seen the best yet.

  1. This really opens your mind to what is possible. If kids start thinking like this think about what they could do with this…

    Worth the 2:58 it takes to watch

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